Facial Asymmetry and Malocclusion

What is it?

The Facial asymmetry refers to an imbalance in the proportions and alignment of facial structures, resulting in an uneven appearance. It can occur due to several factors, including genetics, developmental problems, trauma or skeletal abnormalities. Facial asymmetry can affect the jaws, cheekbones, chin or overall facial contour.

The malocclusion refers to the misalignment of the teeth and jaws, which can result in problems with bite, chewing, speech and general oral health. Common types of malocclusion include overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite and crowded or crooked teeth. Malocclusion can be caused by factors such as genetics, jaw size discrepancies, thumb sucking or poor dental habits.

Orthognathic surgery

The orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery, is a surgical procedure designed to treat facial asymmetry and correct malocclusion. It involves repositioning the jaws and facial bones to achieve proper alignment and balance.


The process of treating facial asymmetry and malocclusion with orthognathic surgery usually involves the following steps:

  • Consultation and evaluation: A thorough assessment will be carried out, which may include a clinical examination, X-rays, dental impressions and advanced imaging techniques such as CT scans or 3D facial imaging. This will help to assess the extent of the asymmetry, identify the underlying cause and determine the most appropriate treatment plan.
  • Treatment planning: Based on the assessment, a personalised treatment plan will be developed to meet your specific needs. This may involve collaboration between an oral and facial surgeon, an orthodontist and other specialists as needed.
  • Preparatory orthodontic treatment: Before surgery, orthodontic treatment may be required to align the teeth correctly and create an ideal dental occlusion. This phase involves wearing orthodontic appliances for a period of time.
  • Orthognathic surgery: The surgical procedure is performed under general anaesthesia in a hospital environment. The surgeon makes carefully planned incisions inside the mouth to access the jawbones. The bones will be repositioned and sometimes bone grafts or remodelling may be performed. Plates and screws are used to fix the new position of the jaws. In some cases, additional procedures such as chin augmentation may be performed to improve facial harmony.
  • Post-surgical orthodontic recovery and treatment: After surgery, a period of healing and recovery is required. You will be provided with post-operative instructions and a liquid or soft food diet may be required during this period. After the initial healing phase, orthodontic adjustments will continue to perfect your bite and teeth alignment.


Orthognathic surgery offers several potential benefits, including:

  1. Improved facial harmony: The surgery aims to restore facial symmetry and balance, improving your facial aesthetics.
  2. Bite and occlusion correction: Orthognathic surgery can help align the jaws, improving the bite and enhancing chewing, speech and overall oral function.
  3. Improved oral health: Correct alignment of the jaws and teeth can reduce the risk of dental problems such as tooth wear, gum disease and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
  4. Increased self-confidence: Achieving facial harmony and a correctly aligned smile can significantly improve your self-esteem and quality of life.

Our team and expertise

At Cunha Coutinho Saúde, we have a team of oral and maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists with expertise in diagnosing and treating facial asymmetry and malocclusion with orthognathic surgery. We use advanced techniques, including computer-guided planning and simulation, to ensure accurate and predictable results for our patients.


We have agreements with several insurance companies and health plans to offer you the treatments you need at the most affordable prices.

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